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The story of A Glass With ...

The original idea for A Glass With came from my friend Will Evans. Years ago, he suggested a format whereby celebrity guests were interviewed about their love of wine. But it wasn't until 2016 that everything came together when I pitched the idea to Olly Smith.

Over a long lunch at Noble Rot on 27 May 2016, with the assistance of more than one glass of wine, we figured everything out. The basic premise is simple: Olly chats to a special guest over a glass of wine. They bring a bottle to open and share, which is replaced by something from Olly's cellar at the end of the episode.

Ten months later, we were on the road in California ...

... to interview none other than global pop megastar P!NK!

Over several months we recorded six episodes in total, each with a different VIP from the worlds of sport, comedy, film and music. (Find out who they all are by listening to the trailer.) A new episode of series one will be released every Thursday, starting on 23 March 2017. You can find the podcast via most of the main podcast apps, as well as here on this website, and on Soundcloud.

Olly with the lovely Alecia, aka P!nk

Olly with the lovely Alecia, aka P!nk

One of the main advantages of making a podcast is that it can be done relatively easily - but we have enlisted some external help. Our logo and colour scheme was designed by Liquid Studio, audio mastering is provided by David Thomas The Sound Designer and the show's agent is Jacquie Drewe at Curtis Brown.

We have also signed up a host of lovely sponsors for each episode, all of whom we approached because we genuinely love their wines.

Now, Olly and I are already working on the next series of A Glass With ... so watch this space!

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