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S4 EP7: BOB BLUE - show notes

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S4 EP7: BOB BLUE - summary

Over a glass of 1000 Stories Zinfandel, Olly chats to Bob about his life in wine, from discovering German Riesling while in the US Army to pioneering organic viticulture in California - and now, making a Zinfandel aged in Bourbon barrels.

S4 EP7: BOB BLUE - timeline

  • 03:02 - Bob Blue joined the US army and was stationed in Nuremberg

  • 03:31 - Bob used to buy Riesling for 1.5 marks, the equivalent of around 68 pence!

  • 05:20 - The show Bob watched on PBS featured UC Davis, a winemaking college in California

  • 07:00 - one of the first wines that Bob made was a Chenin Blanc

  • 07:29 - Bob worked at Fetzer in California, where he learned about red winemaking

  • 11:30 - Bob compares the ripeness of the Zinfandel grapes to those used for Amarone

  • 13:07 - Zinfandel was imported to the US when it was still a new country, and it won an award at the first state fair in 1858

  • 17:11 - Bob helped pioneer organic viticulture at Bonterra

  • 20:15 - It’s A Wonderful Life is one of Bob’s favourite Christmas movies

  • 21:28 - Neil Young is one of Bob’s favourite performers

  • 21:50 - A Stillness at Appomattox is the book that Bob mentions

  • 22:28 - Bob chooses the track All Along The Watchtower by Bob Dylan

  • 23:20 - Olly gives Bob a bottle of Burning Sky Saison Anniversaire - a beer aged in Burgundy barrels. It costs around £12 per bottle.

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S4 EP7: BOB BLUE - production notes

  • Recorded on 13 November 2018 at 67 Pall Mall in London

  • Hosted by Olly Smith

  • Produced and edited by Richard Hemming MW

  • Mastered by David Thomas

  • Hardware list: 2 x AT-2020 condenser microphones with pop shields, Zoom H6 digital recorder, ATH-M20X headphones

  • Software list: Audacity 2.2.2, Garageband 10.3.0

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