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S4 EP4: SHIVI RAMOUTAR - show notes

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S4 EP4: SHIVI RAMOUTAR - summary

Olly and Shivi pop open a very swanky white Rioja and chat about all things flavoursome and satisfying - including the story of her burgeoning career as a chef in print and on screen.

S4 EP4: SHIVI RAMOUTAR - timeline

  • 00:04 - this series of A Glass With is brought to you by 1000 Stories Wines

  • 02:08 - Shivi brings a bottle of Viña Tondonia, Reserva 2004 Rioja. The average price is £41 per bottle

  • 02:12 - Olly brought a bottle of the red version of Tondonia to give to Sting and Trudie in episode one of series four.

  • 03:47 - Shivi did a wine course with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust

  • 05:05 - Olly compares the flavour of Viña Tondonia white to dry sherries such as Fino

  • 05:11 - one of Shivi’s favourite Spanish restaurants is Barrafina

  • 05:57 - Shivi mentions PX (Pedro Ximénez) as one of her favourite sweet wines

  • 06:45 - The wine Shivi has been enjoying recently is Assyrtiko

  • 07:23 - Assyrtiko can be purchased at Waitrose and Marks & Spencer, and other high street retailers

  • 11:45 - Shivi appears on Saturday Kitchen cooking Caribbean recipes

  • 12:43 - Shivi studied law at University College London and BPP

  • 19:35 - Allspice is Shivi’s favourite spice

  • 20:08 - the novel that Shivi recommends is One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Gárcia Márquez

  • 20:24 - Shivi’s first book is called Caribbean Modern: Recipes from the Rum Islands

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  • 21:04 - Olly brings a bottle of Willi Schaefer, Graacher Domprobst Riesling Spätlese 2007 Mosel for Shivi. The average price is £21 per bottle.

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S4 EP4: SHIVI RAMOUTAR - production notes

  • Recorded on 25 September 2018 at Shivi’s house in London

  • Hosted by Olly Smith

  • Produced and edited by Richard Hemming MW

  • Mastered by David Thomas

  • Hardware list: 2 x AT-2020 condenser microphones with pop shields, Zoom H6 digital recorder, ATH-M20X headphones

  • Software list: Audacity 2.2.2, Garageband 10.3.0

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