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S1 EP6: SAM NEILL - show notes


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S1 EP6: SAM NEILL - summary

Sam chats to Olly about emigrating to New Zealand, making Pinot Noir, the mating habits of pigs, stuttering and playing ukulele with Ewan MacGregor. As Olly puts it, 'what a charming fellow!'

S1 EP6: SAM NEILL - timeline

  • 00:04 - thanks to our sponsor Domaines Paul Mas
  • 00:15 - thanks to our sponsor Regal Rogue Vermouth
  • 02:42 - Sam's winery is Two Paddocks in Central Otago, New Zealand
  • 03:45 - Central Otago has vineyards at the most southerly latitudes in the world
  • 04:24 - Sam brings a bottle of Two Paddocks, The Fusilier Pinot Noir 2014. The average price is £40 per bottle.
  • 06:08 - Two Paddocks is an organic vineyard, so doesn't use synthetic insecticides or herbicides
  • 08:50 - Kune Kune and Saddelback are two  different breeds of pig
  • 10:22 - Pinot Noir is a black grape variety that is notoriously difficult to grow
  • 10:43 - Burgundy in France is the homeland of Pinot Noir
  • 11:59 - Felton Road is one of Central Otago's most famous Pinot Noir producers
  • 12:28 - 'premier cru' is a quality designation used in Burgundy to denote some of the best vineyards in the region
  • 13:28 - 'skiting' is a New Zealand slang term for boasting
  • 14:11 - Aubert de Villaine is the proprietor of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, who make the most expensive burgundies in the world.
  • 14:16 - Nick Mills is the owner/winemaker of Rippon, another Pinot Noir specialist in Central Otago
  • 14:18 - 'lieux dits' is a French term to describe specific, named vineyard plots
  • 15:06 - Nigel Greening is the proprietor of Felton Road winery
  • 16:02 - 'fruitbomb' is a term used to indicate a wine that has very powerful fruit flavours, often at the expense of elegance or complexity
  • 17:10 - 'crossing the line' is the moment at which a ship sails over the equator, and often involves a ceremony of some kind
  • 18:06 - Pitcairn Island is where the mutineers from HMS Bounty settled in the 18th century
  • 18:41 - the first vintage of Two Paddocks was made in 1997
  • 20:59 - Jackie runs the Two Paddocks Instagram feed
  • 21:05 - Jancis Robinson is a world-renowned British wine writer
  • 23:05 - 'cuves' are fermentation tanks
  • 23:13 - '50% whole bunch' means that half of the grapes are fermented as whole bunches; that is, they are not destemmed
  • 23:18 - oak barrels are used to mature wine, and 'new oak' indicates the proportion of barrels that are brand new, and which therefore give the strongest potential influence on flavour
  • 25:28 - Country Calendar featured a special episode on Two Paddocks 
  • 27:35 - Sam supports the Stutterer's Association
  • 29:49 - 'Doctor Theatre' is a phrase among performers to explain how an illness can seemingly be temporarily overcome during a performance
  • 31:11 - Sam appeared on The Graham Norton Show with Ewan MacGregor
  • 31:49 - Plastic Jesus is an American folk song
  • 32:46 - Olly brings a small jar of honey that he makes from beehives in his garden in Sussex
  • 33:28 - Sam makes two Rieslings: 'Two Paddocks' and 'Picnic'

S1 EP6: SAM NEILL - production notes

  • Recorded on 7 October 2016 at the headquarters of the Institute of Masters of Wine in central London
  • Hosted by Olly Smith
  • Produced and edited by Richard Hemming MW
  • Mastered by David Thomas
  • Hardware list:  2 x AT-2020 condenser microphones with pop shields, Zoom H6 digital recorder, ATH-M20X headphones
  • Software list: Audacity 2.1.3, Garageband 10.1.6, Wavelab LE8
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